Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Olive Oil

The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Cholesterol Patients

The effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet isn’t really up for debate anymore—at this point, it’s more a question of how to tweak it, and home in on what the active ingredients are. (For example, the MIND diet is a science-based variant of the Mediterranean diet, developed purely from what the research has shown.)

Now, a new study looks at whether olive oil or nuts do more for cholesterol in people at high risk of heart disease, since both have been shown to have significant heart benefits in the past, and both contain healthy fats. The short answer is that olive oil seems to do more for cholesterol, but nuts are not without their own benefit. Read more

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil is truly a powerhouse when it comes to hair, skin and beauty applications. Its rich, moisturizing properties make it ideal for use on your hair. While you may immediately think of olive oil for cooking, keeping a bottle of olive oil handy in your bathroom can help your hair look healthier, stronger and shinier. Whether you use it as your regular conditioner, a hot oil treatment or as a hair finishing product, your mane is bound to reap the many benefits of olive oil.

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History of Olive Oil in Ancient Greece

The olive tree reached ancient Greece in the Bronze Age, setting its roots at an ideal setting, perfect for the world’s finest crop of olives. Ancient Greeks used olives as their main source of fat instead of animal fat because they thought it was unhealthy, since the barbarians ate that way.

For the production of olive oil, ancient Greeks used stone presses and clay tubs to produce excellent quality olive oil, not too dissimilar to virgin olive oil produced today. Olives were first blanched in hot water, pressed, and the mixture of excess water and oil was poured into the tub for the oil to gradually come to the surface. The water was then drained off through a spout and a collecting “pithos” (a large storage jar) was placed in position when all that was left was olive oil.

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9 extra virgin olive oil benefits you never knew

There’s far more to extra virgin olive oil than meets the eye (and tastebuds).

Traditionally boasting low cholesterol, fewer instances of heart disease and very little obesity, the Mediterranean diet has always been defined by the liberal use of extra virgin olive oil. The average Greek consumes 20 litres a year, compared with just 2 litres per person in Australia, so what other secrets does this nectar of the gods contain? Read more

Olive Oil Improves Heart Health

Regular consumption of olive oil can improve heart health even in those who don’t follow a Mediterranean diet, according to a new European study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on November 19, 2014.

A pan-European team of researchers from the University of Glasgow (Scotland), University of Lisbon (Portugal), Instituto de Biologia Experimental Tecnologica, Oeiras (Portugal) and private firm Mosaiques Diagnostics (Germany) examined the effects of phenols, which are natural compounds produced by plants and found in olives, on the heart health of 69 volunteers as part of the study. Read more