Researchers Link Oleocanthal to Cancer, Alzheimer’s Prevention

Researchers at the University of Louisiana-Monroe have reported that a compound found in EVOO was effective in preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in mice.

The study which focused on extracting and testing the effects of oleocanthal concluded that the compound has the potential to become an effective dietary supplement for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

10 Ancient Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been the most important ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. It is an age-old health product. In recent years, people from around the world have gained an increasing awareness of its benefits, and sales in United States as well as in Asia have been increasing dramatically.

The World Health Organization officially recommends that people across the world adopt the Mediterranean diet for better health, and specifically suggests olive oil as the healthiest source of fat on the planet. Read more

The Healing Power Of Olive Oil

Here are some of the reasons why olive oil is the “liquid gold” we should all have in our kitchens, bathrooms and medicine chests. Read more

Summer Skin Care Tips with Olive Oil

In the middle of summer when your skin has taken a beating from sunbathing, beaching or generally enjoying the great outdoors, it’s time to stop and pamper yourself with a refreshing, soothing and, most of all, nourishing treat. Olive oil (surprise!) is good for every kind of summer skin treatment – washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, soothing and beautifying.
Wash your skin with olive oil soap.

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