World Olive Center: New Era for Greece in Olive Oil with Health Claim

The roots of the olive tree go back thousands of years and they are deep in the soil of Greece. It’s fitting that the newly formed non-profit World Olive Center for Health (WOC) is located in Athens. It’s the vision of Drs. Eleni Melliou and Prokopios Magiatis, professors at Athens University who, with their team in the pharmacology department, dedicate their research to the study of the health benefits of olives and olive oil.

It all started with curiosity about what exactly made olive oil beneficial. References in ancient texts of Dioscorides and Hippocrates to the medicinal benefits of early harvest olive oil made from green olives inspired the discovery that would identify and certify a whole new category of health-protective olive oil. Research around the world over the past several years is verifying the potential of extra virgin olive oil for the prevention and/or treatment for such chronic illnesses as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, Type II Diabetes and cancer. Clinical trials are now progressing to human trials and the WOC will follow and document all this research and make it freely available. Read more

Researchers Link Oleocanthal to Cancer, Alzheimer’s Prevention

Researchers at the University of Louisiana-Monroe have reported that a compound found in EVOO was effective in preventing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease in mice.

The study which focused on extracting and testing the effects of oleocanthal concluded that the compound has the potential to become an effective dietary supplement for reducing the risk of developing breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Read more

10 Ancient Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil has long been the most important ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. It is an age-old health product. In recent years, people from around the world have gained an increasing awareness of its benefits, and sales in United States as well as in Asia have been increasing dramatically.

The World Health Organization officially recommends that people across the world adopt the Mediterranean diet for better health, and specifically suggests olive oil as the healthiest source of fat on the planet. Read more

The Healing Power Of Olive Oil

Here are some of the reasons why olive oil is the “liquid gold” we should all have in our kitchens, bathrooms and medicine chests. Read more

Summer Skin Care Tips with Olive Oil

In the middle of summer when your skin has taken a beating from sunbathing, beaching or generally enjoying the great outdoors, it’s time to stop and pamper yourself with a refreshing, soothing and, most of all, nourishing treat. Olive oil (surprise!) is good for every kind of summer skin treatment – washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, soothing and beautifying.
Wash your skin with olive oil soap.

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Differences between Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Light Olive Oil [Infographic]

Olive oil is mainly made up of mostly monounsaturated fatty acids, the most important of which is called oleic acid. Oleic acid is known to be extremely heart-healthy and capable of fighting free radical damage (or oxidative stress), which has numerous health implications. This is especially true when compared to compounds found in more refined vegetable oils, trans fats or hydrogenated fats. Read more

OLEO has been awarded with the GOLD Award from The Olympia Health & Nutrition Award Committee 2017

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded with the GOLD Award High Phenolic EVOO from The Olympia Health & Nutrition Award committee 2017!

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OLEO has been awarded with the Bronze Award in London IOOC 2017

We are proud to announce that OLEO has been awarded with the Bronze Award of Excellence for Phenolic Content by the International Olive Oil Competition – Awards  (IOOC) at Olive oil Competitions in London-UK! Read more

Olive oil helps to cure headaches

Olive oil helps to cure headaches. Compounds “oleocanthal” in olive oil act as “ibuprofen” in curbing pain.

Results of scientist’s research at the Pennsylvania University (USA) showed that pure olive oil can help to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. In addition, olive oil is very beneficial for those who are usually abused by headaches. Read more

Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin

Homer once described olive oil as ‘liquid gold,’ a term that still resonates with many. Fortunately, we do not have to fight wars over olive oil anymore as it is abundantly produced in many parts of the world and readily available. We all know that olive oil is one of the healthiest vegetable oils, along with coconut oil. Not only can you consume this nutritious food and receive numerous benefits, you can also use it to boost the nutrient value of your beauty products.

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