Olive Oil is for Athletes

In many ways, an athlete’s best nutrient friend should be extra virgin olive oil. This ancient edible oil has at long last re-emerged to beat the pretenders, vegetable oil and canola oil. One reason is because olive oil is an unprocessed ancient method of squeezing this amazing fruit. The result is a fruit juice that happens to be oil. But it is much more; something that has served the health and well being of mankind for 6,000 years. By 400 BC Hippocrates wrote extensively of the health benefits of olive oil. Read more

Greek olive oil is the “guardian” of the heart and the medicine

According to an academic study in California, it is estimated that the quality of extra virgin olive oil is directly linked to the health benefits.

The Greek extra virgin olive oil, rich in oleocanthal, can protect the cardiovascular system,according to a clinical study conducted at the Nutrition Department of the University of California, Davis, and the Research Nutrition Center of the US Department of Agriculture in California and funded by Gaea company and Captain Vassilis Foundation. Read more

Prokopis Magiatis: Not all olive oils are a medicine

Are all olive oils beneficial to the health? Where do they help? What role does the color play? How to store the oil? Prokopis Magiatis, the associate professor of the Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry at Athens University, provides us with information based on his scientific knowledge. Read more

Potential Mechanism for the Cardioprotective Effect of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unraveled

Italian researchers demonstrated that extra virgin olive oil down-regulated NOX2 activity, pointing to this enzymatic pathway as a mechanism accounting for its antioxidant effects.

In a series of recent clinical studies approved by the Sapienza University of Rome ethics committee, an Italian research group provided preliminary evidence on the short-term beneficial effect of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the hallmark of theMediterranean diet, on postprandial glycemic and lipid profile in healthy and pre-diabetic adults. In parallel, this group discovered incretin regulation as a plausible underlying mechanism for EVOO antioxidant and cardioprotective effects. Read more